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Nolita is a neighborhood located in Manhattan, NYC. Short for North of Little Italy, Nolita is the charming place where our story begins.

A Roman lady squirrel, Nolita was born in the gardens of Villa Borghese, on March 19th. Daughter of a typical New York squirrel from Central Park, and a little Roman lady squirrel who was full of life, Nolita was born as a result of a quick and torrid affair, during one of her mom’s vacations to NYC.

Raised with two nationalities and spending every holiday with her dad, in NYC, Nolita acquired many peculiar tastes, and a half Roman half New Yorker personality.

After graduating from Columbia University, she decided to take a gap year and travel around the world, but after arriving in Rio de Janeiro she fell in love with the city and decided to fix residence. Nonetheless, as a modern and independent squirrel, Nolita felt the urgency of working. One day, as she was strolling by Village Mall, her favorite, she started craving for recipes that reminded of her origins, childhood and affective memory, and therefore, decided to build her own gastronomic paradise by combining the delights of Rome and NYC in a single place.

Very, very, very excited, she pitched her idea to the owners of the mall, who loved it and offered her to sign the contract at the same day. Right now, Nolita is extremely busy ahead, and as the true compulsive perfectionist that she is, wants a perfect 10 in everything she does. Assuming her unquiet and incredibly innovative spirit, it is safe to say that a lot of stories are yet to come.

Stay tuned!!!

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Oven & Bar

Nolita is the first Brazil Oven & Bar.

A counterpoint between fire and ice, hot and cold, quiet and unquiet, cosmopolitan and rustic, two different and separeted environment, that together, complete each other.

Nolita is diversity: for a casual drink, a dinner, a coffee break, a comfort sandwich, for the best pizza in your life with a bottle of wine, a huge dessert, nolita is for any time.

Let's Nolitate!



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Opening Hours:

Monday to Thursday 12h to 23h

Friday to Saturday 12h to 0h

Sunday and hollidays 12h to 22h


21 3252.2678 | 99665.4172


VillageMall - Av das Americas 3900 - Piso L2